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Exploring the Potentials of Development Indexing for Social EnterprisesMay 12th, 2008

As an evolving field in management education, social entrepreneurship may be characterized as the art of managing enterprises with multiple objectives or bottom lines. The art of managing business enterprises is about innovation to maximize profits for its shareholders. In contrast, the art of managing multiple bottom lines is about innovation to achieve development outcomes while ensuring financial sustainability for the enterprise.

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Research on Strategy Configurations in Social EnterprisesMay 7th, 2008

This research studies the relationship between strategy and the role of stakeholders in various stages of the social enterprise life cycle. In the process, it hopes to define a stakeholder-based typology of social enterprise strategies and the conditions under which they are effective in addressing the problem of poverty .

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Measuring Social Enterprise: A Resource Book for Social Enterprise Performance MeasurementMay 7th, 2008

The idea for a resource book on social enterprise performance measures arose from a need expressed by development organizations to have user-friendly tools for assessing the outcomes and impacts of enterprises with a social purpose.

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Creating a Space in the Market: Social Enterprise Stories in AsiaMay 12th, 2004

The launching in January 2002 of a Master in Entrepreneurship for Social and Development Entrepreneurs (MESODEV) by the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) signaled the start of its proactive efforts to develop economic change agents who are masters in the art of nurturing enterprises that serve the objectives of social equity, environmental sustainability, and improving the quality of life of people and communities.

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