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Policy and Communications Officer

(Secretariat Support for the PRESENT Coalition)

The Poverty Reduction through Social Entrepreneurship (PRESENT) Coalition is looking a Policy and Communications Officer who will serve as Secretariat Support for the Coalition. This is a full time position, renewable on a yearly basis with an initial 6-month probationary term.

The PRESENT Coalition is an alliance of social enterprise practitioners, advocates, NGOs and members of the academia who have joined together to advance social entrepreneurship as an approach to poverty eradication and economic development.

Attainment of a conducive policy environment is a priority objective of PRESENT Coalition. A policy recognizing social enterprises and their contribution in poverty reduction shall improve the capacities of SEs to upscale their operations and thereby expanding their reach or deepening the quality of their impact. A policy favorable to SEs shall also improve the ecosystem of service providers, planning frameworks, and investors as SEs continue working with the poor and marginalized sectors. 


Objectives of the TOR

  • Strengthen the Coalition through an enhanced Secretariat who will oversee the tasks of the Coalition towards the achievements of its plans and objectives;
  • Provide a center to coordinate requests from partners in legislation, civil society organizations (CSOs) and resource institutions, including documenting and providing updates on Coalition activities, and, where appropriate, to participate in meetings and legislative processes;
  • Improve the capacities of partners in legislation, CSOs and resource institutions to advocate for social entrepreneurship;
  • Undertake other functions as may be agreed upon such as but not limited to providing technical and capability building support to the PRESENT Coalition to effectively achieve project outcomes. 

  • Main Secretariat responsibilities 
  1. Manage the central facilitation of the running of the network to support delivery of the Coalition plan
  2. Management of the Coalition budget including fundraising and records-keeping
  3. Provide ongoing support for the work of the Coalition
  4. Provide ongoing support for the development of champions at the national and local legislature
  5. Provide coordination for Coalition meetings, legislative meetings, conferences, and trainings
  6. Organize dialogues and capacity-building activities for advocates and champions
  7. Report on all activities and finances to ISEA and the Coalition
  8. Set up links with related working groups, constituencies and initiatives.
  • Main Secretariat activities 
  1. Maintenance and ongoing development of the Coalition information portals (mail list, social media, etc.)
  2. Craft official communications and correspondences such as letters, proposals, memos, and presentations for the Coalition 
  3. Dissemination of information relating to the Coalition’s agenda through presentations at appropriate events and, if required, through organizing or supporting the organization in specific events
  4. Maintenance of a comprehensive circulation list of interested parties and regular circulation of information about the Coalition and its activities
  5. Support for specific projects being undertaken on behalf of, or with the support of, the Coalition
  6. Support for setting up and running Coalition meetings and legislative meetings
  7. Regular updating on progress to the Co-Conveners, the Coalition, and other stakeholders
  8. Production of a project report detailing the outputs, spending, progress on activities, recruitment of CSOs and legislators and policy discussions, opportunities and areas of improvement. 
  • Functionality

The PRESENT Coalition is convened by the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship in Asia (ISEA). It will have a Secretariat who is responsible in steering the Coalition’s plan of actions.

Members of the Coalition are contributing voluntarily, capacity, and specialization to undertake programs or tasks as identified by the Coalition. Each member representing an organization will also be invited to indicate other resources (human resources, funds, networking, etc) which may be available from their organizations to assist the implementation of the Coalition’s goals.

Strategic leadership and guidance to the Secretariat shall be provided by the convener, represented by the ISEA’s President. Administrative services may be extended to the Secretariat by the convener and member-organizations. The Secretariat shall designate a staff member to coordinate the Coalition. 

The Secretariat shall be in consultation with the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship in the design and implementation of the activities. The convener shall advise and assist the Secretariat in drawing up the agenda of the Coalition meetings and meetings of parties, circulating all documents relevant for the meetings of the Coalition.

  • Requirements

Qualifications and Background

– A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience gained in similar capacity.

– Applicants with professional experience and background policy advocacy and lobby work,  administrative and secretariat work and have taken up role on advocacy and project planning are encouraged to apply. 


– Excellent communication and organizational skills

– Strong computer skills, particularly in Microsoft Office and Google functions, Canva and other applications

– Substantial project planning and coordination skills

Work Ethic

– Knowledge and/or interest in social entrepreneurship and poverty reduction goals.

– Has the willingness to learn. 

– Must be highly organized, possesses keen attention to details, and takes initiatives.

Please send CV and letter of intent to Gomer Padong, with the subject: Policy and Communications Officer on or before August 6, 2021. Questions will also be entertained via email.