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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy pertains to the use of ISEA website. It describes your control to the personal information you send us and how E-Governance treats the personal information it collects. Personal information is information about you that is personally identifiable like your name and email address.

Updating your personal information and privacy preferences

You may access, correct, update, and/or delete any personally identifiable information that you submit to the site at any time, except the Username which is fixed when created. At any moment, you may send us a message through the Contact Use page requesting changes in your preferred services.

Collection of personal information

As a guest of this site, you can engage in many activities without providing any personal information. However, certain activities (such as for creating blogs and participating in the surveys) require you to register and provide some information that will be useful to the administrator for the purpose of service improvement, contact, and research.

ISEA automatically receives and records information on our server logs from your browser, including your IP address, cookie, and the page you request. This is normal website behavior.
IP addresses are automatically reported by your browser each time you view a web page. Your IP address is stored in our user registration databases when you register with ISEA. IP addresses may be used to:

  • diagnose or service technology problems reported by our users or engineer that are associated with the IP addresses controlled by a specific web company or ISP,
  • to estimate the total number of users visiting ISEA from specific geographical regions, and
  • to make sure that people are not abusing the voting or submission systems.

ISEA uses its own cookies to:

  • access your information when you “log in”,
  • keep track of preferences you specify while you are using E-Governance services,
  • estimate and report our total audience size and traffic, and
  • conduct research to improve ISEA’s content and services.

How your personal information is used

ISEA collects your information in order to record, support and facilitate your participation in the activities you select.

Information provided are collected in aggregate form, without identifying any user individually. ISEA assures all users that no personally identifiable information will ever be used without permission. Hence, email addresses are not posted in the forum to prevent abuse of your personal email by others who may be interested to track you personally. ISEA will never forward your personal information to anyone or any group.

User Conduct and Obligations

The guidelines below constitute the acceptable user behaviors when using the website.

  • Articles and other tools directly acquired from original sources are posted in its complete form within the website. For these articles to be used for any purpose, ISEA requires that permission is sought from its authors and the ISEA is acknowledged by linking the article to this site. In the same manner, ISEA seeks permission from original authors before posting articles from external sources.
  • ISEA intends to accommodate all relevant information and discussion that will help build its architecture. All contributions and content sharing are channeled through the Administrator. See Contact Us.
  • For the Administrator to keep track of the web users, registration is required to participate in forum discussions. Members are allowed access to more features of the site compared to guests or people who do not register.
  • The Administrator reserves the right to remove posts in the Forum with malicious content and foul language. In case of removal of the posting, the author is informed of the reasons and is invited to resubmit the post after editing through the contact details they provide.
  • Those interested to acquire a copy of ISEA’s researches and papers for personal and non-commercial purposes may file a request by addressing the Administrator at Contact Us.

To enjoy full participation in the ISEA website, you may agree or disagree and argue your points. However, please ensure that you:

  • Stay focused on the topic of thread and post materials that are relevant to the issues
  • Represent your own views and not impersonate or falsely represent another person or group
  • Do not abuse, harass or threaten others, make defamatory or libelous comments
  • Do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, since these are difficult to read and are considered “SHOUTING” on a discussion forum
  • Do not use insulting, provocative or hateful language, and obscene or offensive language
  • Do not post multiple versions of the same views to the forum
  • Do not promote commercial interests in your posts to the forum
  • Be careful when using humor or sarcasm as they are easily misinterpreted in an online environment
  • Do not abuse or misuse the materials and information in this website for personal or commercial gains
  • Do not post materials to the forum that infringes the intellectual property of others

Copyright / Intellectual Property Policy

ISEA respects the intellectual property of others, and we ask users to do the same.

The copyright in all materials on all pages of this website is owned by both the author and the website owner; in this case, the ISEA. No part of this website may be published, distributed, extracted, re-utilized or reproduced in any form without the consent of the website owner. However, permission for downloading and printing single copies is acceptable provided that it is done for personal non-commercial use only.

The website owner and the author reserve the right at any time at its discretion to withdraw or modify the permissions set out above.