COVID19 SERVE Asia Webinar Series

Fair Trade COVID-19 Response in Asia

The webinar features an evolving story of a social solidarity initiative that addresses the needs of frontline essential workers as well as support the producers, artisans, farmers and members of Fair Trade enterprises in the region. This inaugural webinar also adds to the celebration of World Fair Trade Day in May.

Dompet Dhuafa Response and Contribution to Indonesia Health Sector Amid COVID

Before COVID-19, Dompet Dhuafa has already established a network of social enterprise hospitals serving the poor with community-based primary health care programs. This webinar is about their initiatives such as providing free pre-screening, rapid testing and temporary care facilities to increase hospital capacity, setting up of public hand wash stations and distribution of hygiene kits!

Turning the COVID-19 Threat into an Opportunity: Experience sharing from a Vietnamese social incubator

The Center for Social Initiatives Promotion, a leading Vietnamese non-profit working on the promotion of social enterprises had captured the opportunities of COVID-19 pandemic as a time for social enterprises to reflect on changes necessary to move forward. CSIP will share a few of their initiatives during the quarantine and some changes they have implemented after COVID-19.

RISE and Living in Harmony with COVID-19

The 4th webinar in the COVID19 SERVE Asia webinar series, “RISE and Living in Harmony with COVID-19” featured one of the largest Indonesian NGOs focused on socio-economic development and social entrepreneurship, as they shared how Bina Swadaya continues to support its micro-enterprise partners and beneficiaries despite the COVID-19’s impact in health, livelihood, and economy.

Engaging Human Nature Stakeholders during COVID19

Human Nature is Gandang Kalikasan’s multi-awarded social enterprise brand of natural beauty, personal and home care products. Learn about how they engaged their workers, suppliers and partner-communities as they face the challenges of COVID-19 in this webinar.

SEED TO TABLE (featuring PRRM)

The COVID Social Enterprise Response and Visioning Effort (SERVE) Asia webinar series continues featuring Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM). “SEED TO TABLE” is a conversation on food security, sustainable agriculture, and social entrepreneurship in times of disruption and towards sustainability and resilience.

Thai Social Enterprises vs. COVID19: From Survival to Regeneration

This webinar featured ChangeFusion, a social enterprise incubator and resource institution in Thailand. ChangeFusion Founder, Sunit Shrestha, together with other Thai and PH SEs, shared how they are working with their social enterprise partners not only to survive but to re-design themselves to sustain their operations and enhance their social impact.

Finding the Light during COVID-19

In this webinar, Howard Ling, Director of Bijas, Chappie Tech, Cook1Cook, and Dr. Mask shared how these different social enterprises address different social issues during COVID-19 in Hongkong.

Alter Trade Foundation, Inc.: Sustaining People’s Development under the New Normal

In this webinar, learn how ATFI and its partner communities got through the pandemic. Communities of sugarcane farmers were able to diversify crops before the pandemic and this helped them get through the period of quarantine. Others were able to share their produce to frontliners during the lockdowns. Now, they are focusing on producing more food crops to be more self- reliant, self-sufficient under the new normal.

Building Social Connections and Resilience During Lockdown in China

Learn about how social enterprises and social organizations in China have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic in ways that are rebuilding their working systems through social innovation, sustaining community resilience and strengthening people’s connections to face challenges together. In this webinar, we featured Sources for Action in China.

COVID SERVE Asia Webinar Series Synthesis Session

This activity was a synthesis session on the COVID19 SERVE Asia Webinar Series. The session’s speaker was ISEA President, Marie Lisa Dacanay and moderated by ISEA Senior Fellow and Board Member, Ronald Chua.