Dacanay discusses the PRESENT Bill and SocEnt for National Recovery and Rebuilding during the 2021 PSE Summit

The 2021 PSE Summit was a two-day virtual conference that created a space for social entrepreneurs, industry associations, private companies, development organizations and key government players to interact and share ideas. The event was also a chance to talk with experts, supporters, and advocates of social entrepreneurship with topics ranging from current and emerging trends, to the impact of the law on social entrepreneurship.

PRESENT Coalition Convenor, Dr Marie Lisa Dacanay discussed the Poverty Reduction through Social Entrepreneurship (PRESENT) Bill and Social Entrepreneurship (SocEnt) for National Recovery and Rebuilding during the learning session at the 2021 Philippine Social Entrepreneurship (PSE) Summit Day 1 last November 23, 2021. Dr Dacanay also shared the reference materials on the Benchmarks on Transformational Partnerships and Women’s Economic Empowerment in Agricultural Value Chains (BTP WEE in AVCs), the scorecards and the SE-SDG platform, WE LIVE FOOD in AVCs (Women’s Empowerment, Livelihoods and Food in AVCs).

Aside from her presentation about the PRESENT Bill, Dr. Dacanay also joined the Open Mic Session on “Facts or Fake News: Impact Measurement for Establishing Integrity” where she talked about measuring and reporting one’s social impact in establishing integrity via virtual platform, https://events.hubilo.com

The 2021 Philippine Social Entrepreneurship Summit was a two-day virtual conference where social entrepreneurs and various development sectors such as the cooperatives sector, development sector, education sector and corporate social responsibility sector from across the Philippines could gather in this virtual platform to discuss a national social enterprise strategy and deepen their understanding of challenges plus opportunities when it comes to a shared vision of an inclusive future.  As promoted, “the conference shall expand the advocacies in the social enterprise sector in the country in the development of better strategies and programs by the BPI Foundation as they aspire to be the thought leader in this sector. This collaboration with different sectors will serve as input to bolster sustainability, accelerate growth for social enterprises and enhance academic social entrepreneurship offerings. With the start of a key conversation, ways can be found to grow as one to thrive and create a bright future for all Filipinos.”