ISEA Pilots Social Entrepreneurship and the Market Course

The Institute for Social Entrepreneurship in Asia (ISEA) in cooperation with the Ateneo School of Government conducted the pilot run for the Course on Social Entrepreneurship and the Market on March 16-20, 2009.

Prof. Marie Lisa Dacanay, social entrepreneurship mentor and ISEA President, led the team ot trainors composed of microfinanceand social entrepreneurship expert Prof. Ronald Chua, and marketing experts Prof. Tomas Lopez and Prof. Jose ‘JJ’ Roces.

The  pilot course provided the participants with a framework for appreciating and managing markets as arenas for social entrepreneurship towards equitable and sustainable development. It familiarized  them with tools to effectively understand, manage and develop markets and stakeholders of social enterprises such as subsector and value chain analysi, value creation and delivery as well as social marketing. It further sensitized the participant with the need to evaluate and develop plans to address the impact of the global economic crisis on their stakeholders and markets. At the end of the course, the participants came up with re-entry plans that could serve as take-off points for integrating their learnings and insights in the context of their own organizations.

The five-day course utilized lectures, class and case discussions, film showing, exercises and workshops to assist the leaning process.

ISEA plans to run the Social Entrepreneurship and the Market Course again during the last quarter of 2009. it is also developing other course offerings such as Sub-sector and Value Chain Analysis and interventions as well as Strategic Social Enterprise Management.