Women’s World Majlis organizes a panel session on Developing a Gender-equitable Agricultural Sector during Expo 2020 Dubai

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), “Women make up approximately 43 percent of agricultural workers in developing countries, but less than 15 percent of all landowners are women.”

Women’s Pavilion Programming in collaboration with World Majlis organized a Women’s World Majlis panel session titled, “From Farmer to Boss Lady: Developing a gender-equitable agricultural sector” during Expo Dubai 2020’s Food, Agriculture, and Livelihoods on February 21, 2022.

With more than 1M views to date, the session’s Panel 1 featured ISEA President, Dr Marie Lisa Dacanaywhom discussed how the Benchmarks for Transformational Partnerships and Women’s Economic Empowerment in Agricultural Value Chains (BTP WEE in AVCs) could empower women farmers and the launch of a set of proposed Transformational AVC Guidelines that could help governments in empowering women farmers.

To watch the full session, go to this link: https://fb.watch/dOF8pALqW8/