PROSE-GRAISEA Country Workshop holds in Jakarta, Indonesia

Organized in cooperation with Bina Swadaya and Dompet Dhuafa Philanthropy, the National Workshop on Transformational Partnership and Women’s Economic Empowerment in the Agricultural Value Chains in Indonesia was held last February 21, 2017 in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

As a validation and enrichment process, Bina Swadaya and Dompet Dhuafa presented the two case studies on KSU Jatirogo’s Batuk Sugar Production and P.T. Karya Masyarakat Mandiri’s Mustahik Move to Muzaki (M3) Program with Women Mussel Producers. Both enterprises were selected as best practices on social enterprise in Indonesia in engaging women and men small holder producers. 

Dr. Marie Lisa Dacanay, Project Director of the PROSE-GRAISEA Project, presented the “Benchmarks for Transformational Partnership that Impact on Women and Men Small Scale Producers in Agricultural Value Chains.” This paper was evolved from the 8 cases studied in 4 countries in ASEAN namely: Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

The said country workshop was part of the project, “Promoting the Role of Social Enterprises (PROSE) under a regional and multi-stakeholder project called Gender transformative and Responsible Agricultural Investments in Southeast Asia (GRAISEA).” It was participated by 50 local and international NGOs, government agencies, companies, and banks representatives.