ISEA, UN Women conducts a Dialogue and Planning Workshop on Co-Creating an Enabling Environment for Women in AVCs towards Promoting Transformational Partnerships and WEE

The last quarter of 2022 has been a productive time in promoting transformational partnerships and women’s economic empowerment at the country, regional and global level.  

On October 6, social enterprises, development partners, government agencies and private companies gathered in a dialogue in Quezon City, Philippines. The multistakeholder and multilateral dialogue and planning workshop aimed at co-creating an enabling environment for women in agricultural value chains. 

It served as a learning session about the Transformational Agricultural Value Benchmarks and Guidelines tools and sharing of experiences, challenges, and realizations of partner enterprises in adopting the benchmarks. It validated mainstreaming the Guidelines among government agencies by generating feedback and insights from partners and stakeholders in agricultural value chains. Finally, it sought to add value to existing gender and development or women’s economic empowerment frameworks and strategies of agricultural value chain holders and enablers.

This event was organized by the Institute of Social Entrepreneurship in Asia (ISEA) in partnership with UN Women. This initiative is supported by ISEA’s Women’s Economic Empowerment Transformational Initiatives in Agricultural Value Chains (WEE TRAIN in AVCs) project, a component of the Gender Transformative and Responsive Business Investment in Southeast Asia (GRAISEA) programme led by Oxfam with funding support of the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok.