ISEA conducts 10 Webinars and 7 RTD for COVID-19 SERVE Asia

From May to September 2020, the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship in Asia (ISEA) conducted a Webinar and RTD Series for the COVID-19 Social Enterprise Response and Visioning Effort.

The 10 webinars concluded with a Synthesis Session last August 4 led by ISEA President Lisa Dacanay and ISEA Senior Fellow and Board Member, Ronald Chua, which was followed by a roundtable discussion series (7 RTDs) from August to September before the 3rd SEAL Asia Conference 2020. The Webinar Themes and featured organizations were as follow:

May 26 – World Fair Trade Organization Asia (Regional, based in Thailand) Fair Trade COVID-19 Response in Asia

June 2 – Dompet Dhuafa (Indonesia) Dompet Dhuafa Response and Contribution to Indonesia Health Sector amid COVID

June 9 – Center for Social Initiatives Promotion (Vietnam) Turning COVID-19 Threat into an Opportunity: Experience Sharing from a Vietnamese Social Incubator

June 16 – Trubus Bina Swadaya (Indonesia) Rise and Living in Harmony with COVID-19

June 23 – Gandang Kalikasan, Inc/ Human Nature (Philippines) Engaging Human Nature Stakeholders during COVID-19

June 30 – Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (Philippines) Seed to Table: Conversation on Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture, and Social Entrepreneurship towards Sustainability and Resilience

July 7 – Change Fusion (Thailand)  Thai Social Enterprises vs COVID-19: From Survival to Regeneration

July 14 – Dr Mask/ Chappie Tech (Hong Kong)  Finding the Light during COVID-19

July 21 – Alter Trade Foundation, Inc (Philippines)  Sustaining People’s Development under New Normal

July 28 – Sources for Action (China) Building Social Connections and Resilience during Lockdown in China

There are two (2) objectives of the webinar series: (1) to share, network and collaborate towards the development of a responsive recovery agenda for the social enterprise sector in Asia, and (2) to contribute to the evaluation/reshaping of regional social entrepreneurship-SDG acceleration platforms given the changed context of COVID-19. 

The COVID SERVE webinar series also facilitated roundtable discussions (RTD) harnessing social entrepreneurship and social innovation as pathways to ensure the recovery of the social enterprise sector in Asia as partners in building back better and fairer and contributing to the SDG implementation in the region. 

August 11 – RTD of Conveners and Key Stakeholders of evolving SE Platforms 

August 18  – 1st RTD on Food Security, Resilience, and Women Empowerment in Agricultural Value Chains led by Center for Social Initiatives Promotion (Vietnam) and Bina Swadaya (Indonesia)

August 25  – RTD on the Decent Work for All in Sustainable Value Chains led by World Fair Trade Organization Asia and the Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education

August 26 – 2nd RTD on Food Security, Resilience, and Women Empowerment in Agricultural Value Chains led by Center for Social Initiatives Promotion (Vietnam) and Bina Swadaya (Indonesia)

September 1 – RTD on Technological Innovations for Sustainable Development let by ISEA and the Dr Mask (Hongkong)

September 8 – RTD on Rural Revitalization, Youth and Social Entrepreneurship led by the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement and Sources for Action (China)

September 10 – RTD on Health for All led by Dompet Dhuafa (Indonesia) and Suham Trust (India)