ISEA and APC organize a learning session series on Community Networks

Community Networks are technological innovations that seek to bridge digital and societal divisions such as gender, class, and caste, which are especially true in rural areas. By increasing connectivity in both digital and social aspects, it hopes to create jobs through entrepreneurship and contribute to economic growth. 

The Technological Innovations for Sustainable Development, a multi-stakeholder platform around social entrepreneurship and sustainable development goals led by the Association of Progressive Communications (APC) and the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship in Asia (ISEA) organized a learning session series on Community Networks that aimed at sharing cases of community networks located in different countries. 

The learning session series started on March 17 entitled, “Community Networks: Bridging the Digital Divide and Connecting the Last Mile Connectivity”. In this session, community networks were discussed by the guest speakers that feature their business models and technology use as well as the vision why such networks are supported. (Watch it here:

On March 24, the 2nd learning session was conducted focusing on its issues, challenges and prospects entitled, “Community Networks: Issues, Challenges and Prospects.” This activity was part of Asia Pacific Regional CSO Engagement Mechanism’s People’s Forum 2022 event. (Watch it here:

The third learning session dubbed as “Bridging the Gap: Addressing Policy, Regulation and Governance of Community Networks” was held on April 11, 2022 which provided a space to provide insights and present proposals on policy and governance of digitalization and community networks. (Watch it here:

To learn more about Community Networks, here are all the resources provided by the speakers from our partner organizer, APC: