Dacanay presents SEPPS in an international conference on Social Entrepreneurship

ISEA President Marie Lisa Dacanay was invited as one of the panelists on the 2015 International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship in Asia Pacific Region in Taipei, Taiwan last September 2 to 5, 2015, which was organized by Children are Us Foundation, and the Centre for the Third Sector of National Chengchi University.

In her paper, Dr. Dacanay highlighted that Social Enterprises with the Poor as Primary Stakeholders (SEPPS) are hybrid organizations that traverse the market and non-market spheres of the economy.  SEPPS provide the poor a combination of market and non-market services:  transactional, transformational, and social inclusion services. The paper also presented three models of stakeholder engagement among SEPPS:  control, collaboration and empowerment.

“This has been a very important opportunity for ISEA and our partners as we were able to share our experiences in the advocacy and promote once again that social enterprise is a viable mechanism to help address poverty in the Philippines,” said Dr. Dacanay.

About 200 participants from various sectors, social enterprises, civil society organizations and business groups attended the conference that carried the theme, “Innovation, Cultivation and Social Impact.”