CSO, SE, SME Business Partners share their experiences and stories on APF/ACSC 2020

As part of the ASEAN Peoples Forum/ASEAN Civil Society Conference (APF/ACSC) 2020, the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship in Asia (ISEA) joined the Management and Sustainable Development Institute (MSD), Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN), Centre for Social Initiatives Promotion (CSIP), CCR CSR, and Save the Children had a workshop on “Transformative Business – CSO Partnership and Women’s Economic Empowerment towards Recovery and Development” last 6 November 2020.

ISEA President, Marie Lisa Dacanay presented the “Benchmarks for Transformational Partnerships and Women’s Empowerment in AVCs as framework for Building Back Fairer and Multistakeholder Platform on WE LIVE FOOD in AVCs“ together with ISEA partners from Yayasan Dompet Dhuafa and Alter Trade Foundation, Inc. (ATFI) also shared their experiences using the scorecards developed from the Benchmarks.

The workshop brought a convergence space, in which CSOs and business representatives shared their experiences, told their stories, presented case studies, and proposed feasible solutions to address sustainability challenges in building the Transformative and Solidarity Economy.