Capacitating the PRESENT Coalition: the Coalition holds a 2-part Speakers’ Pool Training

PRESENT Coalition Speakers’ Pool Training on August 3, 2022

The Poverty Reduction through Social Entrepreneurship (PRESENT) Coalition held a 2-part Speakers’ Pool Training on August 3 & 11, 2022. This training aimed to capacitate and develop a broad base of 13 speakers coming from the PRESENT Coalition who can effectively communicate and deliver presentations on PRESENT Bill and Platform. 

The training was led by a team of facilitator-resource persons consisting of Dr. Marie Lisa Dacanay of the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship in Asia (ISEA), Ms Ana Tan of Ateneo Center for Social Entrepreneurship (ACSEnt), Angel Flores of Barrio Beterinaryo, Ms. Kristine Guerrero of Oxfam Philippines, and Mr. Norby Salonga of The Lasallian Social Enterprise for Economic Development (LSEED). 

PRESENT Coalition Speakers’ Pool Training on August 11, 2022

The first part of the training focused on discussing the handles for understanding the PRESENT Bill and Platform including the context of the PRESENT advocacy and fundamental features of the PRESENT Bill. The discussion was followed by an interactive Question-and-Answer portion where the participants learned how to navigate the frequently asked questions or FAQs on the PRESENT Bill and Platform. On the other hand, the second part was a practicum session to give space for volunteer participant-presenters to practice how to effectively present and discuss the PRESENT Bill and platform with simulated presentations for different audience segments. After every presentation, the facilitator-resource persons provided some feedback and suggestions to improve their presentations.