Angel of Impact’s Though Leadership first webinar focuses on “Breaking the Funding Gap”

“Data has shown that women and indigenous communities are key to ending poverty and tackling the climate crisis, yet they are often still seen merely as beneficiaries as opposed to change agents.”

Last March 22, ISEA President, Dr Marie Lisa Dacanay joined Angels of Impact CEO Laine Greene and Advisor Gail Wong on their Thought Leadership webinar entitled, “Breaking the Funding Gap”.

During the webinar, Dr Dacanay shared that, “There is a tendency to only focus on women leading enterprises and not whether these enterprises actually help other women through their business or address larger gender inequity.”

The discussion highlighted some of these funding biases and gaps women and indigenous social enterprises face, why it matters and new models of finance centered on social and environmental justice, by empowering those most affected to be a part of the solution.