To effectively support the sector as a major player in addressing poverty, inequality and sustainable development in the region, the Conference aimed to:

  1. Assess the state, role, potentials and challenges of the emerging social enterprise sector as a major player in poverty reduction, transforming economies, women economic empowerment and sustainable development in Asia;
  2. Define an agenda to overcome these challenges and to effectively pursue such articulated role and potentials;
  3. Explore how the emerging social enterprise sector could work together to face the challenges of disaster risk reduction-climate change adaptation (DRR-CCA);
  4. Define an agenda for engaging government and the business sector to recognize and support the social enterprise sector as a major partner in a post-2015 agenda towards eradicating poverty, transforming economies, achieving gender equality and sustainable development; and
  5. Share perspectives, experiences and insights to enrich each other’s understanding and practice of social entrepreneurship and social enterprise development in Asia.